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Federated Identity Provider

MattCorp Identity is the single account system that underpins all of our other services. This saves users time and effort as only a single account is required to access everything.

Developers also benefit; they can focus on building their product and not have to worry about account security, password resets, email validation, or any other detail that Identity provides.


Our Identity platform is available free of charge for non-commercial purposes, with no limit on usage.

Save your developers time and effort by using a battle-tested account solution that is managed for you.

Contact [email protected] to discuss options.


For large businesses or corporate users, we offer Enterprise Identity. Our service can act as your organisation's IdP (identity provider), for use internally and with other SaaS applications.

We can tailor this product to your use-case and, for an additional fee, can offer it as a white-label product.

Contact [email protected] to discuss options.

For users

MattCorp Identity eliminates the need for multiple accounts across our various services and those our partners.

All user data is stored in the UK & EU (to strict GDPR standards) and we employ numerous techniques to ensure your privacy, such as providing a separate user ID to each service to prevent cross-referencing.

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