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Network Infrastructure Monitoring

StatusCloud periodically checks your website or web service and will notify you if anything is wrong.

We provide everything: monitoring, alerts (phone call, SMS, email, and more), collaborative incident management, and even a branded status page for your customers to see the latest updates.

Peace of mind as a service

Downtime can put a customer off your service for good, but no infrastructure is infallible.

With StatusCloud, you can rest easy knowing that we're constantly monitoring your site and will call you if there's ever a problem.

Fully customisable

As you would expect, everything can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. While StatusCloud has sensible defaults, these can be easily overridden when needed.

Only want to trigger an alert for a 418 status code, content length less than 173 bytes, or a missing X-Frame-Options header? No problem.

Start for free

We offer varying pricing tiers to suit a range of customers, including a free forever option that allows you to try before you buy.

Paid plans include a money-back guarantee so you can experience premium features risk-free.

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